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Get Paid To Do Free Offers!
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Get Paid To Do Free Offers!

"Mom and Dad won't give me an allowance anymore and I am not old enough to get a real job yet."

 Being a teenager can be tough at times. Trying to fit in with your peers at school can be a challenge when the only people you have to rely on for money is your parents. When I was a teenager I wanted to fit in and dress like the cool kids or buy the hottest new video games all my friends were talking about. If you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend you need money to take them out on a date, it can be embarrassing to have to run to mom and dad and ask for some cash to take someone out to a movie or dinner.

When I was a teen I didn't have the luxury of going online to make free money. If I wanted to earn money I had to mow the grass, do the dishes, walk the dog, ect. Don't get me wrong, these are effective ways to make some cash but when it is 90 degrees outside pushing a lawn mower that isn't self propelled on a big hill really sucks and I would have rather been inside with the AC on sipping on a soda in front of a computer earning the easy way!

 I tell all my friends and family about how they can earn free cash online through Cashcrate and they will pay you for sharing your opinions filling out surveys and offers. It doesn't cost anything to join and sign up is easy.

Don't worry, I was skeptical at first too. I even asked myself questions like:

Question: Is this a scam?

Answer: Nope. They have well over 4 million members and been around since 2006 sending checks in the mail to those who reach the payout minimum of $20.00 They literally payout thousands of dollars in payments to their members each and every month on time!

Question: What the heck are online surveys and offers? Why do I get paid for them?

Answer: Companies and businesses are always coming out with new products and want peoples feedback. This is called market research and they use third party businesses like Cashcrate to provide people like you and me with surveys to get our opinions for their products.

A typical survey consists of questions like your age, are you married, do you have kids, how old are they, where you live, ect. These kind of questions are called demographic questions to see if you qualify for that particular survey. Surveys are designed to target specific groups of people that meet their criteria.

Filling out surveys can be fun, fast and very rewarding. Almost all of the Daily surveys at Cashcrate will pay you anywhere from .75 cents to $1.00 I have 10 daily surveys available to me. This means that I can get paid taking each one every 24 hours. That comes to $8.35 a day. But it doesn't stop there!

They also have Top Surveys that can sometimes pay you anywhere from $1.00 to even $8.00!

So what are the Offers? Offers consist of requirements you have to meet in order to be rewarded.
An example of a requirement would be: "Participate in the offer to receive great deals on coupons, Sign-up with valid information"

I always use a separate email account when I complete offers. I found a lot of great tips for completing surveys and offers at Cashcrate Tips

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